Multidisciplinary entities

Namur Research Pole in Infectiology (NaRePI)

The Namur Research Pole in Infectiology brings together diverse scientific disciplines (i.e. microbiology, medicinal chemistry, veterinary medicine, cell biology, spatial epidemiology,....), spread over different UNamur research units, but all working directly or indirectly on infectiology topics. The networking of all these researchers within the Namur Research Pole in Infectiology generates an important potential for multidisciplinary collaborations. An additional asset of the pole is its close connection with the clinical Microbiology Laboratory and the Department of Infectious diseases of the CHU UCL Namur - Godinne.

Namur Thrombosis & Hemostasis Center (NTHC)

The Namur Thrombosis & Hemostasis Center (NTHC) aims at gathering knowledge in thrombosis and hemostasis in the field of basic and clinical research, with a translational approach. It builds on synergy between the Pharmacy Department of the UNamur and different clinical disciplines involved in the management of thrombotic diseases from the CHU UCL Namur.

Namur Cancer Research Pole

The Namur Cancer Research Pole gathers scientific and clinical researchers engaged in different aspects of cancer research, from fundamental research to clinical studies. Cell and organelle biology, radiobiology, molecular cancer biology, gene expression, virus-induced cancers and medicinal chemistry are among the key competences found at the UNamur in the field of cancer research. Innovative and ambitious projects are developed thanks to the participation of clinicians involved in oncology and anti-cancer treatment at the CHU UCL Namur.

Namur Nanosafety Centre (NNC)

The Namur Nanosafety Centre (NNC) is a multidisciplinary platform for the safety assessment of nanomaterials. It relies on a combination of three research activities at the UNamur: [1] materials characterization at the Physics of Matter and Radiation (PMR), [2] in vitro toxicology at the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology (URBC) and [3] in vivo toxicology at the Pharmacy Department. The NNC has the ambition to be recognized as the reference centre for the nanosafety assessment in Wallonia and in Belgium.

Namur Medicine & Drug Innovation Center (NAMEDIC)

The Namur Medicine & Drug Innovation Center (NAMEDIC) combines the expertise of the Chemistry and the Pharmacy Departments of the UNamur, with the aim to advance research on effective and innovative drugs. It is dedicated to medicinal chemistry, from hit identification to lead optimization.

Omnibus Animalibus Studia Sanitatis (OASIS)

OASIS is a joined initiative between the Veterinary Medicine Department of the UNamur and the Diagnostic Imaging Department of the CHU UCL Namur (Godinne). This multidisciplinary group uses the sheep as an animal model to study human and animal diseases, with the final aim to improve human and animal health through translational research. Their main research focus are musculo-skeletal diseases, but other disorders are studied as well, such as cardiovascular diseases.