NARILIS webinars

These seminars will be held in-person! Videoconference link only upon request at
Friday 08/10/2021
Dr. David Pla-Martín, University of Köln, Germany (postdoc)
"Selective degradation of mtDNA through autophagy".
Invited by Prof. Thierry Arnould, UNamur
Friday 15/10/2021
Dr. Carlo YAGUE-SANZ, University of Sherbrooke, Canada (postdoc)
"Co-transcriptional RNA cleavage by Drosha homolog Pac1 triggers transcription termination in fission yeast"
Invited by Dr. Damien Hermand, UNamur
Week 18/10/2021
Julien FAVRESSE, Clinique Saint-Luc Bouge (pharmacist biologist & PhD student)
"Clinical laboratory investigations related to COVID-19"
Invited by Prof. Jonathan Douxfils, UNamur
Wednesday 27/10/2021
Prof. Jean CELLI, Washington State University, USA
"Pathogenesis of Brucella abortus"
Invited by Prof. Xavier De Bolle, UNamur
Week 01/11/2021
Week 08/11/2021
Week 15/11/2021
Week 22/11/2021
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Wednesday 08/09/2021
Dr. Séverin RONNEAU, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA (postdoc)
"How do bacteria survive to antibiotic exposure during infection ?"
Invited by Dr. Régis Hallez, UNamur
Thursday 16/09/2021
Prof. Raphaël FREDERICK, Louvain Drug Research Institute, UCLouvain
"Interrogating Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) tetramerization site with peptides reveals an underexplored drug design strategy: DISRUPT, a new ARC project of UCLouvain, UNamur and ULiège."
Invited by Dr. Lionel Pochet, UNamur