The biobank of the CHU UCL Namur (Godinne) was set up in April 2010. This structure enables the daily collection of human biological samples (neoplastic or not) in the respect of ethical, legal and quality requirements. It is a very dynamic structure which aims at “printing” a sample conservation culture in the institution with a particular attention to promote collaborative research projects in parallel to its development.

Standards Operating Procedures have been set up for each step leading to the conservation and use of samples. This is essential to guarantee the high quality of samples and the respect of legal and ethical regulations. More than 9000 samples (tissue, bone marrow, blood,...) from patients with various pathologies are now available for research projects.

The cryogenic equipment includes freezers (-20°c and -80°C) and a gaz-phase liquid nitrogen tank (-196°C). A temperature controlled freezer is also available and guarantees an excellent viability of cryopreserved cells.