Frédéric Forêt

Intensive care / Sports physiology

Dr Frédéric ForetDr. Frédéric Forêt MD

CHU UCL Namur, Site Dinant, Department of Intensive Care Medicine


Expertise and research interests

Dr. Frédéric Forêt is head of the Department of Intensive care medicine at the CHU UCL Namur (site Dinant) since 2010.

He is involved in clinical research projects with the CHU UCL Namur (site Godinne) on digestive motility, intestinal tonomanometry and bacterial translocation since 1997.

In parrallel, he is also an expert in sports physiology (ergospirometry) and has an interest for research in applied physiology.

Selected publications

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Higny J, Feye F, Forêt F. COVID-19 pandemic: overview of protective-ventilation strategy in ARDS patients. Acta Clin Belg. 2021 Dec;76(6):509-511.

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