Lionel Pirard

Thoracic oncology

Dr Lynn Gabrielle AlexisDr. Lionel Pirard MD

CHU UCL Namur, Site Godinne, Department of Pneumology

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Expertise and research interests

Lung disease

Interventional bronchoscopy

Thoracic oncology

Selected publications

Badaoui A, De Wergifosse M, Rondelet B, Deprez P.H, Stanciu-Pop C, Bairy L, Eucher P, Delos M, Ocak S, Gillain C, Duplaquet F, Pirard L. Improved Accuracy and Sensitivity in Diagnosis and Staging of Lung Cancer with Systematic and Combined Endobronchial and Endoscopic Ultrasound (EBUS-EUS): Experience from a Tertiary Center. Cancers. 2024, 16, 728.

Quirynen R, Ocak S, Duplaquet F and Pirard L. Long-Term Complete Remission after Severe Pembrolizumab-Induced Immune-Related Encephalitis in Metastatic Lung Adeno-Squamous Carcinoma: A Case Report. Respir Med Case Rep. 2023 Jul 24;45:101898.

Mahiat C, Bihin B, Duplaquet F, Stanciu Pop C, Dupont M, Vander Borght T, Rondelet B, Vanderick J, André B, Pirard L, Ocak S. Systemic Inflammation/Nutritional Status Scores Are Prognostic but Not Predictive in Metastatic Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Treated with First-Line Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors. Int J Mol Sci. 2023 Feb 10;24(4):3618.

Pasau T, Wauters E, Wauters I, Duplaquet F, Pirard L, Pop-Stanciu C, D'Haene N, Dupont M, Vander Borght T, Rondelet B, Ocak S. Case report: BRAF A598-T599insV mutation as a potential resistance mechanism to alectinib in ALK-rearranged lung adenocarcinoma. Front Oncol. 2022 Nov 7;12:985446.

Meyer S, Dincq AS, Pirard L, Ocak S, D'Odémont JP, Eucher P, Rondelet B, Gruslin A, Putz L. Bronchotracheal Stenting Management by Rigid Bronchoscopy under Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Support: 10 Years of Experience in a Tertiary Center. Can Respir J. 2021 Mar 18;2021:8822591.

Mauclet C, Duplaquet F, Pirard L, Rondelet B, Dupont M, Pop-Stanciu C, Vander Borght T, Remmelink M, D'Haene N, Lambin S, Wanet M, Remouchamps V, Ocak S. Complete tumor response of a locally advanced lung large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma after palliative thoracic radiotherapy and immunotherapy with nivolumab. Lung Cancer. 2019 Feb;128:53-56.

Dubaere E, Goffaux M, Wanet M, Bihin B, Gheldof C, Demoulin AS, Bolly A, Bustin F, Duplaquet F, Baugnee PE, Gustin M, Hers V, Maisin F, Marchand E, Ocak S, Pirard L, Vancutsem O, Van Neck E, Vandermoten G, Zaharia L, Remouchamps V. Long term outcome after 48 Gy stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy for peripheral stage I non-small cell lung cancer. BMC Cancer. 2019 Jun 28;19(1):639.

Pirard L, Marchand E. Reassessing the BODE score as a criterion for listing COPD patients for lung transplantation. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2018 Dec 10;13:3963-3970.

Pirard L, Dahlqvist C, Ocak S, Putz L, Dincq AS, dʼOdémont JP. Tailored Y-stent on the Secondary Carina for Recurrent Nonanastomotic Posttransplant Left Bronchial Stenosis. Transplantation. 2018 Jun;102(6):e253.