About us

Bridging basic science and medicine

NARILIS is founded on a partnership between the UNamur and the hospital complex CHU UCL Namur.

Thanks to this partnership, NARILIS fosters bidirectional interactions between basic- and clinical-oriented researchers, and enables to build bridges from bench to bedside. NARILIS hereby provides scientists the opportunity to conduct research that has an impact on health, and ultimately to participate to the transfer of fundamental scientific discoveries to clinical applications.

Multidisciplinary and collaborative research

NARILIS gathers scientists from diverse disciplines, including biologists, physicists, chemists, geographers, pharmacists and veterinarians from the UNamur, as well as human healthcare professionals from the CHU UCL Namur. NARILIS encourages research groups to move from silos to synergy and to work together to develop innovative projects.

Six multidisciplinary research entities have been built up within NARILIS: