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The Walloon Center for protontherapy is on track!

On December 13th, the Walloon Government has officially given its green light for the launch of a center for protontherapy in Wallonia! It committed to release 46 million euros for the technological innovation partnership PROTHER-WAL ("PROton THErapy Research in WALlonia").

Great success for NaRePI 2018 meeting!

The 2018 annual meeting of the Namur Research Pole in Infectiology (NaRePI) was successfully held on Friday November 30 at the UNamur. This second remarkable meeting of NaRePI was attended by 80 participants, including academics, postdoc researchers, PhD students and Master students, from various Belgian institutions (UNamur, ULB, UCL, ULiège, UMons, Sciensano…).

NARILIS researchers report nanoparticles in spray paintings to be non-toxic

The application of nanotechnology to common everyday products is rising at an exponential rate. Nanomaterials are indeed increasingly incorporated into many commercial products, such as cosmetics, foods, textiles, electronics, paints.... The addition of nanoparticles to these products is intended to provide enhanced mechanical, physicochemical or antimicrobial properties. For example, paintings made up of nanoparticles confer surfaces "self-cleaning" abilities.

NARILIS radiobiology research on the front cover of Medical Physics

The THERAPLUS project aims at taking advantage of novel nanoscale materials to enhance the performance of current cancer radiation therapies. This project is supported by the Walloon Region and joins the expertise from both the Laboratory of Analysis by Nuclear Reaction (Prof. Stéphane Lucas and Prof. Anne-Catherine Heuskin) and the Laboratory of Cellular Biology (Prof. Carine Michiels) of the UNamur.

Best poster price for NARILIS PhD student Mélanie Planque at the symposium "Trends in Food Analysis VIII"

The chemist Mélanie Planque works as a PhD student at the Health Department of the CER Groupe in Marloie. Her doctoral research focuses on the detection of food allergens by mass spectrometry in processed foodstuffs, with the aim to improve food labelling. This work is running in partnership with Prof. Thierry Arnould (UNamur, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology) and Prof. Patsy Renard (UNamur Mass Spectrometry platform). The project is supported by the Walloon region (ALLERMASS project – FIRST DoCA program).

NARILIS PhD student Félicien Hespeels wins the Audience Award at the interuniversity final of "My thesis in 180 seconds"

Félicien Hespeels is a 3rd year PhD student at the Laboratory of Analysis by Nuclear Reaction of the UNamur (Prof. Stéphane Lucas). On the 23rd of May, he won the Audience Award at the interuniversity final of "My thesis in 180 seconds", with his brilliant talk « De l’or contre le cancer ». Thomas Abbate (UMons) et Alexis Darras (ULg) were awarded the price of the jury.

NARILIS - SCK●CEN radiobiology poster in the spotlight of the 6th symposium on Medical Radioisotopes

Naomi Daems is a PhD student working in the field of radiobiology and nanomedicine. The aim of her PhD thesis is to develop a cancer theranostics platform based on the use of gold nanoparticles as radiosensitizers in therapeutic as well as diagnostic cancer applications. Naomi’s work focuses on the evaluation of the in vitro cytotoxicity of these gold nanoparticles on healthy cell types, which is crucial prior to move to clinical testing.

NARILIS researchers at the closing evening of the Télévie on Saturday 22 April 2017!

Like every year, the UNamur supported the Télévie campaign! A check of 20.100 EUR was handed over on Saturday 22 April 2017, during the Télévie closing evening on RTL. Prof. Martine Raes, UNamur Vice-Rector for Research, and Prof. Carine Michiels, promoter of 4 Télévie projects at the Department of Biology, along with 8 PhD students supported by the Télévie, took part in this charity event!