Best Poster prize for NARILIS PhD student Marie Haufroid at the 2018 European Crystallographic Meeting

The chemist Marie Haufroid is PhD student at the Laboratory of Structural Biological Chemistry of the UNamur. This laboratory, led by Prof. Johan Wouters, is engaged in structural biology studies on enzymes of pharmaceutical interest.

Marie Haufroid's research recently focused on human phosphoserine phosphatase (hPSP), which overexpression is known to induce chemoresistance to 5-Fluorouracil within colorectal cancer cells. Her work consisted in the production, purification and crystallization of hPSP, with the objective to gain a better understanding of the catalytic mechanisms of this enzyme and to design inhibitors.

On August 22-27, 2018, Marie Haufroid participated to the 31st European Crystallographic Meeting in Spain. At this occasion, she presented a poster with the results of her structural study on hPSP. Her communication entitled "Mechanistic study of human phosphoserine phosphatase (hPSP) via crystallization with intermediates" was awarded the Best Poster Prize sponsored by Protein Data Bank Europe!

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