Congratulations to Dr. Jean-François Daisne, winner of the Pfizer Oncology Award 2017

Dr. Jean-François Daisne is head of the department of Oncological Radiotherapy of the CHU UCL Namur - site Sainte-Elisabeth. As a NARILIS member, he is actively involved since several years in radiobiology research projets developed in close collaboration with the UNamur (Prof. Stéphane Lucas - Radiation physics & nanotechnology, and Prof. Carine Michiels - Cellular biology).

At the occasion of the BSMO/Bordet meeting in Brussels on November 24th and 25th, Dr. Jean-François Daisne was honored with the Pfizer Oncology Award for his project aiming to improve the quality of life of patients irradiated for head and neck cancer : "Self administration of buccal low level laser therapy in oropharyngeal and buccal mucositis induced by (chemo)radiotherapy of the head and neck area".

Mucositis is a common complication of radiotherapy in head and neck cancers, that affect the quality of life of patients by producing pain and discomfort. The objective of Dr. Jean-François Daisne's project is to reduce pain by mobile laser therapy. The Pfizer Oncology Award supports this initiative by offering a grant of 25.000 EUR.