Congratulations to Jonathan Douxfils elected "Namurois de l'année", for his outstanding research in the field of thrombosis

Every year, the city of Namur honors twelve personalities that provided a major added value to the society through their engagement, their action or their work. Professor at the Pharmacy Department of UNamur and CEO of the spin-off Qualiblood, Jonathan Douxfils figures amongst the 12 people elected "Namurois de l'année" during the 31st ceremony that was held on January 22, 2020! Jonathan was recognized in the category "Sciences" for his outstanding scientific research in the field of thrombosis.

His work has made him the recipient of numerous international awards, such as the « Eberhard F. Mammen Young Investigator Award » in July 2019. This prestigious prize highlights his major advances in the development of a new assay evaluating the thrombotic risk in women undergoing hormonal changes (use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy, menopause). This research is done in close collaboration with Prof. Jean-Michel Dogné at the Pharmacy Department of the UNamur and in partnership with the spin-off Qualiblood.