FNRS allocating new funds to 21 NARILIS research projects!

On December 7th, the FNRS Board of Directors announced the list of applications selected in the framework of several 2021 calls: FRIA and FRESH doctoral grants, Research credits CDR, Research projects PDR, Equipment EQP and Large equipment credits GEQ.

Up to 21 projects from NARILIS researchers are awarded through diverse funding instruments: 8 FRIA, 9 CDR, 2 EQP and 2 GEQ credits!


FRIA | Do circular RNAs encoded by the major oncogene of Gallid herpesvirus 2 contribute to the tumorigenesis of the Marek's disease? (Alexis Chasseur) Prof. Benoît Muylkens and Dr. Damien Coupeau
FRIA | Study of the biogenesis of the VirB type IV secretion system in Brucella abortus (Charline Focant). Prof. Xavier De Bolle
FRIA | Targeting the splicing factor TFIP11 in cancer by an intrinsically disordered protein-based drug design strategy (Blinera Juniky). Prof. Catherine Michaux and Dr. Denis Mottet (ULiège)
FRIA | Investigation of the bidirectional copper transport across the inner membrane of the free-living Caulobacter crescentus (Hala Kasmo). Prof. Jean-Yves Matroule
FRIA | Role of the APOBEC3B antiviral innate effector on the replication of wild-type adenoviruses and adenoviral vectors (Sarah Mathieu). Prof. Nicolas Gillet
FRIA | Unravelling the disorder-aggregation-properties relationships of the intrinsically disordered protein DPF3: towards new antimitotic strategies (Julien Mignon). Prof. Catherine Michaux and Prof. Eric Perpète
FRIA | Characterisation of the functional interplay between the (p)ppGpp alarmone and alternative sigma factors in Caulobacter crescentus (Aishwarya Saxena). Prof. Régis Hallez
FRIA | Interaction between bacteria and viruses : discovering of new genes involved into bacterial defence mechanisms against phages and genes coding by viruses to counteract these defence (Rémy Dugauquier). Prof. Abel Garcia Pino (ULB) and Prof. Gipsi Lima Mendez
CDR | Study of the mechanisms leading to HIF-1alpha stabilisation and BNIP3L expression in Brucella abortus-infected cells: role in mitophagy and tropism of the bacteria for the mitochondria. Prof. Thierry Arnould
CDR | Envelope stress response in Brucella. Prof. Xavier De Bolle
CDR | Role of the APOBEC3 innate antiviral effectors on adenovirus and coronavirus replication. Prof. Nicolas Gillet
CDR | Spatio-temporal regulation of peptidoglycan synthesis by the actin-like protein MreB in bacteria. Prof. Régis Hallez
CDR | Role of a TonB-dependent receptor and an oxygenase in bacterial copper tolerance. Prof. Jean-Yves Matroule
CDR | Deciphering entry mechanisms and axoplasmic transport of SARS-CoV-2 from peripheral nerve endings. Prof. Charles Nicaise
CDR | Fragment-based drug discovery approach to search new lead compounds targeting FXIIa, a serine protease implicated in the coagulation pathway, the kinin-kallikrein system, and the immune response. Dr. Lionel Pochet
CDR | Characterization of envelope stress responses in Bacteroidetes. Dr. Francesco Renzi
CDR | Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) for the analysis and purification of functionalized carbohydrates, glycomimetics and nucleosides. Prof. Stéphane Vincent
EQP | Epitranscriptomic of dihydrouridine in pro- and eukarya. Dr. Damien Hermand and Prof. Régis Hallez
EQP | BAR domain proteins in unconventional endocytic mechanisms: Roles in cancer and intracellular bacterial infections. Prof. Henri-François Renard and Prof. Xavier De Bolle
GEQ | Observing life in 4D and high resolution for the characterization of novel dynamic biological mechanisms. Prof. Henri-François Renard, Dr. Damien Hermand Prof. Yves Poumay and Prof. Anne-Emilies Declèves (UMons)
GEQ | Ultrahigh resolution crystal structures: chirality and non-covalent bonding in multicomponent crystal systems and pyramidal Lewis acids. Prof. Johan Wouters, Prof. Guillaume Berionni and Prof. Tom Leyssens (UCLouvain)