FNRS Grants and Fellowships 2022 : six successful applications at NARILIS

On June 22, the FNRS announced the list of applications selected in the framework of the Grants and Fellowships call 2022. Among these, six researchers received funding to conduct research within NARILIS.

FNRS Research Associate | Dr. Alison Forrester has been granted a Research Associate position at UNamur. Currently postdoc researcher at Institut Curie Paris, she will soon join us to build a new cell biology research group within NARILIS. Her research will focus on endoplasmic reticulum exit sites (ERES).

FNRS Research Fellows | Four researchers obtained a Research Fellow grant: Xavier Garcia Llinas, PhD student working on the design and synthesis of covalent disruptors to target homomeric protein-protein interactions (Dr. Lionel Pochet and Prof. Johan Wouters). Julien Mignon, PhD student unravelling the disorder-aggregation-properties relationships of the intrinsically disordered protein DPF3, which should pave the way towards new antimitotic strategies (Prof. Catherine Michaux). Camille Morlighem, PhD student working on malaria risk mapping in sub-Saharan Africa (Prof. Catherine Linard). Audrey Verhaeghe, PhD student studying envelope biosynthesis during growth and cell division of Brucella abortus (Prof. Xavier De Bolle).

Bilateral Research Programme FWB - Quebec | Dr. Damien Hermand, head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (URPhyM) at the University of Namur, received a grant to develop a joint research project with Prof. François Bachand from the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec.Their collaboration aims at elucidating the RNA Polymerase II Carboxy-Terminal Domain (CTD) code in both normal and cancer cells.