NARILIS involved in the fight against cancer, alongside the "Fondation contre le Cancer"

The emergence of diverse resistance mechanisms to chemotherapy is one of the biggest issues in oncology today. Better understanding of why some tumor types respond, and others do not, is the main research focus of the Laboratory of Molecular Cancer Biology led by Prof. Jean-Pierre Gillet (URPhyM, UNamur). In order to further promote awareness among the general public on this important area of research, Jean-Pierre Gillet recently published an article in the journal of the Fondation contre le Cancer (Ensemble contre le cancer, mars 2018, n°134). He presents latest progress towards deciphering the mechanisms underlying cancer drug resistance and discusses challenges and promises for more effective therapy.

Moreover, in 2018, the UNamur is participating again in the Relais pour la Vie. This huge charity event is an initiative of the Fondation contre le Cancer. The aim of this event is to gather as many people as possible united in the fight against cancer and to raise funds to support scientific research, to provide social care to people affected by cancer, and to promote prevention and healthy lifestyles through awareness and education. During this overnight event, different teams participate in a 24h run, during which at least one member of the team is on the track at any time – walking or running.
Namur will host the fourth edition of the Relais pour la Vie on September 22 and 23!