NARILIS names new president and vice-president at the head of its Collegian Board

NARILIS is pleased to announce that Prof. Charles Nicaise has taken over as president of the Institute. Holder of a PhD in Biomedical sciences from the ULB, Charles Nicaise is since 2013 Professor in Histology at the Faculty of medicine of the UNamur. He is also Principal Investigator and group leader of the Laboratory Neurodegeneration and Regeneration, a lab devoted to the understanding of the physiopathology of neurological disorders in animal models and to the development of stem cell-based therapies.

Prof. Lionel D’Hondt, head of the Department of Medical oncology of the CHU UCL Namur – site Godinne, has accepted his nomination as vice-president of NARILIS. Lionel D'Hondt is in charge of the management of patients suffering from oncological diseases and is responsible for the medical day care center. He is furthermore involved in the education of candidate medical specialists in oncology at the CHU UCL Namur. He is also visiting professor at the Faculty of medicine of the UNamur. In terms of research, Lionel D'Hondt is leading the clinical research unit of the oncology department. He is an active member of several groups of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).

With the assistance of the Collegian Board members, Charles Nicaise and Lionel D’Hondt will be working together to strengthen further the ties between the UNamur and the CHU UCL Namur and to pursue NARILIS’ overall missions.
NARILIS warmly thanks outgoing members for their commitment and support to the institute: Prof. Jean-Michel Vandeweerd, president since 2017 (UNamur), Prof. Thierry Arnould (UNamur), Prof. Stéphane Lucas (UNamur), Prof. Marie de Saint-Hubert (CHU UCL Namur), Prof. Carlos Graux (CHU UCL Namur) and Prof. Eric Marchand (CHU UCL Namur).

New composition of the Collegian Board of NARILIS


Word from the President

As the newly-elected president of NARILIS, I would like first to thank the outgoing members  for their work and inputs in having made the heart of the institute beat. As recently raised by an external evaluation panel,  we are on the right track to build a true NARILIS institute identity, but much more can still be done to move forward. The main strength of NARILIS members stems from their multidisciplinarity and complementarity, from life science scientists to medical practitioners. Many areas are covered by our research expertise and can give birth to uncommon collaborations and open new avenues of joint investigations.
In the coming years, we will focus our attention on increasing the international visibility, stimulating our interdisciplinary collaborations and improving the global attractiveness of the institute. We will continue to support initiatives that bring the world of fundamental research and clinical research closer together. Several actions are already planned for the upcoming months: a Call for Collaborative Research Projects between UNamur and CHU UCL Namur (deadline January 5, 2022), a 3-day workshop on Manuscript Writing and Publication, the NARILIS Research Day, and various transnational Scientific Meetings – stay tuned to our newsletter!

I’m glad to be part, next to you, in this journey.

Charles Nicaise
November 2021