Reconstructed Skin in Culture: join our new LinkedIn discussion group!

Prof. Yves Poumay and Dr. Catherine Lambert de Rouvroit are leading the Cells and Tissues laboratory – LabCeTi (URPhyM, NARILIS, UNamur), a laboratory devoted to the study of normal skin biology and cutaneous pathology. The lab is a pioneer in developing 3D in vitro skin models mimicking features of several epidermal diseases in order to better understand disease pathogenesis and to potentially screen new curative or preventive treatments. Their skin models can also serve as alternative methods for toxicological testing.

The LabCeTi recently created a new LinkedIn group ( to connect scientists having experience in reconstructed skin culture, to exchange ideas and to stay up to date on latest developments. Indeed, the production of reconstructed cutaneous tissues in vitro and their use become increasingly common practice. Since robust protocols are nowadays available worlwide, new type of use may arise and still some difficulties may happen. This LinkedIn group intends to provide a place for sharing good or excellent experiences with this kind of material, as well as to alert about problems and seek for help and suggestions when problems happen.

Interested to join the group? Please click the "Request to join" button on the linkedin page or contact or