Towards a « Zero Waste » lab at NARILIS - « Campus Namur Durable (CaNDle) » call 2021

Labs generate an enormous amount of plastic waste (pipette tips, tubes, culture dishes, gloves…). Single-use plastics are indeed considered more convenient to ensure sterility and safety. Another main reason given for using plastic disposables is saving time and labour.
In light of the environment and climate emergency, NARILIS researchers from the Integrated Veterinary Research Unit (URVI) decided to take green actions in their lab. They aim to gradually replace their single-use plastic supplies with washable and reusable glass alternatives, which are moreover more cost-effective in the long term.
Their eco-friendly initiative has just been selected in the framework of the call « Campus Namur Durable (CaNDle) » 2021. Thanks to the support of the Fonds Jérôme, researchers of the URVI will be able to move forward their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their research activities. They will expand their collection of laboratory glassware and purchase a hot-air sterilizer to decontaminate equipment needed for sterile activities (microbiology, virology, cell culture…). This pilot project should be an important driver for change and transition towards more sustainable labs at the UNamur.

Project initiators: Prof. Benoît Muylkens, Prof. Nicolas Gillet, Dr. Damien Coupeau, Laetitia Wiggers and Hélène Dumont