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Best poster prize for NARILIS PhD student Marie-Ange Angladon at the Doctoral Interdisciplinary Training School 2016

Marie-Ange Angladon is a PhD student at the Department of Chemistry of UNamur, within the Laboratory of Physico-Chemical Informatics of Prof. Daniel Vercauteren. Her thesis research is directed towards the study of protein-lipids interactions using theoretical methods, and in particular aims at understanding the effect of membrane lipids on the structural and functional properties of the µ opioid receptor.

Best poster prize for NARILIS PhD student Kathleen Schmit at the 12th meeting of the FRS-FNRS Contact Group on oxidative stress and antioxidants

Kathleen Schmit is a PhD student at the Laboratory of Cellular Biology of UNamur (URBC), within the "TumHyp - Tumor Hypoxia" team of Professor Carine Michiels. She conducts research on the mechanisms underlying anticancer drug resistance, and in particular, on the role of TMEM45A in head and neck cancer resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs.