Claire Diederich

Ethology and animal welfare

Understanding behaviour of domestic and laboratory animals

Prof. Claire Diederich DVM, PhD

UNamur, Department of veterinary medicine, Integrated Veterinary Research Unit (URVI)

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Expertise and research interests

Prof. Claire Diederich is a European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law. She is specialized in ethology of domestic and laboratory animals. She has a particular interest in understanding canine behavior, with a special focus on human-dog interactions.

Group members

Researchers: Ciska De Ruyver and Sara-Gisella Omodée

Research projects

  • Deciphering the impact of the chemical composition of the olfactory stimuli used during detection animal training on animals’ performance. Research project by Marta Malevic. Joint PhD programme at ULiège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, TERRA and UNamur (Dr. Claire Diederich).

Other activities

  • ONGOING MP-ANIBRU: Regional coordinating mission for animal welfare. Ongoing mission by Dr. Claire Diederich, UNamur, NARILIS. Funded by Région Bruxelles Capital.
  • Organization of trainings on animal welfare for professionals in 2019-2020. Funded by Institut Bruxellois pour la Gestion de l'Environnement.

Selected publications

Martin C, Malević M, Diederich C, Verheggen F. Copycatting the smell of death: Deciphering the role of cadaveric scent components used by detection dogs to locate human remains. J Forensic Sci. 2023 May 15.

Martin C, Diederich C, Verheggen F. Cadaver Dogs and the Deathly Hallows-A Survey and Literature Review on Selection and Training Procedure. Animals (Basel). 2020 Jul 17;10(7):E1219.

Lensen RCMM, Moons CPH, Diederich C. Physiological stress reactivity and recovery related to behavioral traits in dogs (Canis familiaris). PLoS One. 2019 Sep 17;14(9):e0222581.

Dendoncker PA, De Keuster T, Diederich C, Dewulf J, Moons CPH. On the origin of puppies: breeding and selling procedures relevant for canine behavioural development. Vet Rec. 2019 Jun 8;184(23):710.

Dendoncker PA, Moons C, Sarrazin S, Diederich C, Thiry E, de Keuster T, Dewulf J. Biosecurity and management practices in different dog breeding systems have considerable margin for improvements. Vet Rec. 2018 Sep 29;183(12):381.