Nathalie Kirschvink

Vascular physiology

Prof. Nathalie Kirschvink DVM, PhD

UNamur, Department of medicine, Molecular Physiology Research Unit (URPhyM)   

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Expertise and research interests

The team of Prof. Nathalie Kirschvink is focusing on the vascular endothelial glycocalyx, as well as on the vascular muscle tone. Their investigations include:

  • Characterisation of the glycocalyx function
  • Visualisation of the glycocalyx integrity/damage
  • Ex vivo vascular tone investigated by pressure myography

Group members

Scientific collaborator: Dr. Sophie Dogné

Senior advisor: Prof. Bruno Flamion

PhD students: Kaoutar Idouz and Benjamin Hanotieau

Technical staff: Nathalie Dubois and Jean-François Gaussin

Research projects

ONGOING Impact of brain-death and tacrolimus pretreatment on kidney function in a pig model. Ongoing PhD thesis by Kaoutar Idouz.

ONGOING Ex vivo vascular tone investigated by pressure myography. Ongoing PhD thesis by Benjamin Hanotieau.

Selected publications

Dogné S, Flamion B. Endothelial glycocalyx impairment in disease: Focus on hyaluronan shedding. Am J Pathol. 2020 Apr;190(4):768-780.

Dogné S, Flamion B, Caron N. Endothelial Glycocalyx as a Shield Against Diabetic Vascular Complications: Involvement of Hyaluronan and Hyaluronidases. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2018 Jul;38(7):1427-1439.