Xavier De Bolle

Brucella cell cycle and infection

Dissecting the molecular mechanisms that govern Brucella abortus cell cycle during infection

Prof. Xavier De Bolle PhD

UNamur, Department of biology, Research Unit in Biology of Microorganisms (URBM)

Member of the Namur Research Pole in Infectiology (NaRePI)

Research portal UNamur  |  ORCID  |  ResearchGatewww.urbm.be/research-groups/xavier-de-bolle

Expertise and research interests

Prof. Xavier De Bolle is an expert in the field of molecular bacteriology, with a special focus on Brucella abortus. His research group studies basic molecular biology of the Brucella abortus, a bacterial pathogen responsible for brucellosis, which cause abortion in domestic animals and undulant fever in humans. The group discovered that B. abortus is asymmetrically organized at the molecular level, and tries to evaluate the importance of this asymmetry in simplified models of infection. They also set up molecular tools, which makes it possible to follow cell cycle progression of B. abortus in culture and inside host cells. They discovered that a large fraction of the bacteria block their DNA replication during the first hours of a cellular infection. Their current research topics mainly include the biogenesis and homeostasis of the enveloppe and envelope-associated structures during polar growth and infection.

They use genetic approaches such as deletion strain generation and characterization, genome-wide transposon mutagenesis followed by deep sequencing (Tn-seq), protein binding site identification on B. abortus chromosomes (ChIP-seq) and generation of genetically engineered strains to follow protein localization in B. abortus.

Group members

Postdoc researcher: Dr. Katy Poncin

PhD students: Jonathan De Stercke, Charline Focant, Adélie Lanoy, Thomas Rouma and Audrey Verhaeghe

Research projects

  • ONGOING Characterization of LD-transpeptidases in the intracellular pathogen Brucella abortus. Ongoing PhD thesis by Jonathan De Stercke.
  • ONGOING Envelope biosynthesis during growth and cell division of Brucella abortus. Ongoing PhD thesis by Audrey Verhaeghe.
  • ONGOING PAChiDERM: YDPase ACtivities In diDERM bacteria (https://arc-pachiderm.weebly.com/). Supported by an ARC grant. It gathers three professors from UCLouvain (Jean-François Collet, Géraldine Laloux, Patrice Soumillion) and one from UNamur (Xavier De Bolle) within a highly interdisciplinary team.

  • ONGOING Study of Polymyxin B resistance in naturally resistant Brucella abortus and Sphingobium yanoikuyae. Postdoctoral research by Dr. Katy Poncin.
  • ONGOING Study of the biogenesis of the VirB type IV secretion system in Brucella abortus. Ongoing PhD thesis by Charline Focant.
  • ONGOING Envelope stress response in Brucella abortus. Ongoing PhD thesis by Adélie Lanoy.
  • ONGOING Characterization of the protective immune response against pulmonary infection by Acinetobacter baumannii in mice. Ongoing PhD thesis by Thomas Rouma. Under co-supervision by Prof. Eric Muraille, ULB (promoter) and Prof. Xavier De Bolle, UNamur (promoter).
  • Involvement of cyclic-diGMP on Brucella abortus cell morphology and infection. Postdoctoral research by Angéline Reboul (Oct 2017 - 2022).

Selected publications

Verbeke J, De Bolle X, Arnould T. When mitophagy dictates the outcome of cellular infection: the case of Brucella abortus. Autophagy. 2023 Aug 17:1-2.

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